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JCPR Custom Tanks

Services and Skills

With over 30 years experience in Polypropylene tank installation, design, building and repairs, CEO and President James Cason made the easy decision to branch off on his own and start JCPR Custom Tanks.

JCPR is your premier Polypropylene tank builder.  Based in Ocala, Florida, JCPR is ready to supply you with all of your plastic water tank needs.  

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As a professional of over 30 years in his field, James Cason has had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects, some traditional and others outside the box. He understands how to take on new challenges and contribute to companies in a way that is smart, meaningful and valuable. Want to know how JCPR can help your organization with their tank needs? Get in touch and let’s discuss it.

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JCPR Custom Tanks

August 2022 - Present

In August 2022, James Cason made the decision to open JCPR to provide Polypropylene tanks for firetrucks and other service needs.  He found that there was a high demand for these tanks and only a few businesses that provide this service.  James knew he could streamline the process and provide a higher quality tank than the competitor.


JCPR tanks are corrosion resistant: Polypropylene (PP) is plastic based, so it resists corrosion much better than traditional metal tanks.

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JCPR's PP tanks are light weight: PP is lighter than most metals and fiberglass. So, trucks carrying our tanks save in cost because the lighter weight causes them to consume less fuel. A lighter truck is also much easier to handle on the road. For these reasons, PP tanks are exceptionally beneficial on different types of fire trucks.


JCPR provides leakproof welding:

JCPRs welding tanks can hold a large volume of water. JCPR specializes in extrusion welding techniques.  This type of welding is used to shape and build plastic structures, such as polypropylene tanks by heating the plastic and bonding it to make a solid hold. This is known as thermoforming. It uses a welding apparatus that has a nozzle for hot air and an extruder to push material into place.

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Though James learned a lot from being in the profession, some of his skills have been built from research, observation and common sense. JCPR knows that to be truly successful, they need to be able to work with people, find innovative solutions to professional problems and make contributions that really matter. 


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